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How does it work ?

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choose products in your favorite stores, enter our Moscow address
c. Moscow, Warsaw Highway 5 and receive your purchases right at home. There are just four simple steps to comfortable online shopping


Register on our website to get a personal address in Moscow, Frankfurt, Baku, Guangzhou and Tashkent. Create an account to manage your parcels.

You can use this address to place orders in foreign online stores. In your personal account all information about your parcels will be stored.




 Make orders

Choose products in online stores of USA and Europe. Make delivery to your personal address at parcel post, pay for purchases in online stores and wait for the parcels to arrive at our warehouse. When placing an order, the online store indicates the approximate delivery time of each product to the parcel post and sends a tracking number to track the orders.

 If you are new on overseas shopping just use our service «Purchase assistance» It is enough to send a link to the product you are in interest and top up the balance in your personal account — the order will be quickly processed and redeemed by our experienced specialists.

 Important: Before making purchases, familiarize with the possibility of delivery of selected goods across the border.

 Create a shipment

When all the purchased goods arrive at our warehouse, you will see them in your personal account and will be able to send the parcel to home. You can send on or combine several packages from different stores into one package.

To do this, fill out the declaration and choose the most convenient delivery method. for you. In the comments, you can indicate your wishes for packaging parcels. We usually send non-fragile light parcels up to 3 kg in plastic bags. If it is important for you that the shipment was in a box — also indicate this in the comments. We talked about our packaging in detail in this article.

 We can also check the goods you received for operability, compliance with the order, or measure parameters and take a photo. To do this, you need to issue a special request. Special requests are created for incoming parcels before the shipment is formed. Telegram chat

 After that the parcel will be packed and you will receive an invoice for payment of delivery from our warehouse to your city. Top up the balance in your personal account for specified amount and the package will go to your home. If you wish you can insure the parcel. That’s all. It remains to wait the receipt! 🙂

 Receive the parcel

   When creating a shipment choose the most convenient delivery method for you — to the post office, to the point issue of orders or by courier service directly to your home. Immediately after sending the parcel from the warehouse, a tracking number will appear in your personal account to track it. Moreover, you will also receive notifications in the mobile app when the status changes throughout the delivery of the parcel.

 Important: after receiving the parcel, shoot the unpacking video — it is necessary to resolve issues related to insurance claims. To get a discount coupon for the next time, just post a review with a photo and tell how your package arrived. Instagram