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Commercial transportation

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Air carriage

Air carriage
Moscow — Tashkent — Moscow

The main documents for air carriage include:

  • Air waybill. Confirms the conclusion of an agreement between the shipper and the carrier, acceptance of the goods, contains the delivery conditions;
  • Cargo manifest. Drawn up for all waybills, it contains information about the product on a specific flight;
  • Invoice. Includes product name, quantity, description, cost;
  • Packing list. Also includes the name of the goods with the indication of net weight, gross weight, dimensions;
Авиа грузовые перевозки

The package of documents may include a safety data sheet, certifying the safety of the shipment for air delivery.
Benefits of air carriage:

  • High speed of delivery. Allows to transport urgent and perishable goods in 1 day;
  • Safety. During transportation, goods are fixed with special fasteners;

Railway transportation

Railway transportation
Moscow — Tashkent — Moscow

Железнодорожные перевозки
Railway transportation — the most popular type of cargo transportation among regular importers and exporters. This is mainly due to the low costs of carriage and the reliability of the entire structure of railways, which in most countries are natural state monopolies and are controlled by the relevant Government departments. With the timely planning of the logistics supply chain, railway transportation is the best correlation of value for money among all types of cargo transportation in our region.

Our Company can provide a full range of services for the transportation of goods by rail:

  • Transportation planning
  • The container transporting
  • Wagon transporting
  • Transportation of oversized goods on platforms
  • • Overloading at transit stations / ports
  • Documentation
  • Tracking the cargo along the route
  • All related services (customs clearance, insurance, forwarding, preparing necessary transport documents)

Road-land transportation

Road freight transportation
Moscow — Tashkent — Moscow

The volumes of deliveries, carried out by road, make up the majority of the total trade between countries. This popularity is explained by the fact that machines differ in terms of carrying capacity and functionality. With their help, it is possible to transport goods to any of the most remote regions of the State. For each batch of goods an appropriate type of car is selected suitable in size and requirements for the transportation of various groups of goods from Moscow to Uzbekistan and back.

At the service of the customer:

  • Minibuses, light trucks;
  • Semi-trailers, covered trucks;
  • Tank trucks, refrigerators;
  • Low-frame reinforced trawls for oversized special equipment.